Sunday, 27 November 2011

let our harmless hitch hiker out.

The epic story of the job that creates another job is over and instead of all the rain water from both sides of our huge roof draining off  here!! and creating a big puddle, it will now cascade down the plume and splash into the ditch on the other side of the garage wall. Mike has had to dig his way through two foot wide walls, negotiate his way past different ground levels and then patch it all up so that it works, and today it rained and …it does .

Whilst we are worried about where the rain water will go to save us from damp walls and flooded court yards we are just a bit miffed that we are loosing the water in the pond. By this time of year we should be full up  to the willow tree. We have watched the waterline go down to quite scary levels this summer so I chatted up one of the farmers to see if this was normal and he gave me a worried look and sucked in through his teeth and said that by now the ditches should be full and that confirms that we don’t have a leaky pond just a very low water table. We will welcome any rain now better still if we can have a  biblical torrent and get things back to normal.

We got the call from Jacqueline to say that the cider was ready but when I told her that part of our working party was still in the UK she  set off on one,  lamenting the moon was in the right quarter to bottle and if we didn’t go in the few days all would be lost. She then cast a spell on me and all I could say was “We are on our way”  Four of us were ready with our bottles washed and dried and after we had jovially filled, corked and wired a few hundreds bottles between us we set off for a picnic on the Avenue in Brevands. Bottling this year then will be in two parts, and there will be no difference I am quite sure
…..or am I !!!

Mike pulled down the sun visor in the car the other day at speed, we were dashing along the N13 and when we looked up there was the biggest and  most horrible spider building a nest and not happy with the intrusion. I  am not that bad about spiders but in a closed space at 70 miles an hour and him on the move gave for interesting squeaking and squealing noises and then our thoughts went out to the kids in Australia and giggled ourselves to a stop to let our harmless hitch hiker out.   

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