Saturday, 10 December 2011

a good season ahead.

This is the silly season when it comes to my hobby and fitting in all the concerts is a bit of a challenge. We had a short notice request from the mayor of Carentan to sing for the local children whilst they wait for Father Christmas to arrive. I can’t say we sang well as it was a Wednesday and those of us who work were not able to be there but we had no accompaniment and frankly we were bad but the wonderful thing about  children was that they only had one thing on their minds and choral critique was certainly not one of them so we got away with being weak and unprepared.

Mike’s project that started two weeks ago and should have taken only two days is finally finished, well nearly as there is a bit more concreting to do and we have not had the courage to go out and get another trailer of ballast, so that will be on the list next week. Mike has set himself up out here in the garage but I am not sure for what reason, so stay tuned as I am guessing there is an alterative motif and another hobby is on the cusp of realisation. I have stolen a drawer to put our wood carving tools in ! I sat out there with a cup of coffee and felt an urge to start carving, it is light and airy in the garage and there is a ton of wood to choose from so perhaps this is my place and Mike won’t get a look in.

You know you have mates when they role up one day and pull this load off their pick up. What a treat, I was so excited and I knew exactly where they will go before they off the truck.  We have put them in the poly to protect them from the frost and I will start to plant some stuff to go in them during the winter so they will be all flowered up for Easter….

The Poly is in winter mode now nurturing and protecting our seedlings and cuttings

We popped in to see Sarah and Peter to give them a hand getting their Christmas decs out and whilst there I took some geranium cuttings before Sarah prunes and stores them and now I have a very promising crop of babies. It is a bit late so I have made a poly tunnel in a poly tunnel to protect them and I will have to take great care to keep them strong and happy until the spring.  There is as much to do through the winter months as there is in summer but it is as important for the preparation of a good season ahead. 

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