Sunday, 20 November 2011

there may just be profit to be made.

Lets start on a jolly note and, “love a chicken” The girls are let out of their enclosure now and then to forage through the potager but Mike is getting a bit fed up with their successful escape plans and the kicked up mud all over the path but I am much more tolerant and find all of that stuff endearing. This is my oldest hen one of our first purchases when we moved in and she is still looking gorgeous, not laying eggs, but still looking gorgeous.

We have had a week of, one job leads onto the next, starting with a trip into our barn to deal with a heap of kitchen units Graham had thrown out of his barn. I think Graham expected us to put the units on the bonfire last week but we have seen possibilities in them  and HOSS for one has benefited from these chuck outs and has a lovely cupboard in his room to keep all that dry food behind closed door and away from the pesky  cats who send him nuts by stealing his food.. HOSS still loves his cage and when the cover is on he knows it is night time sleep and when it’s up he can come and go unless he is in the dog house and then we close the cage door, and that means he is really in trouble.

The other cupboards were destined for the garage and Mike decided he needed to make a new concrete plinth to put them on. We had the ballast so all we needed was a bag of cement so the job was organised until he decided to take up the floor tiles to make it easier to lay the concrete then he decided we should perhaps dig it out and put in a drain pipe to evacuate the back yard when it rains and then he decided to see where the rain water from our large roof goes and then decided he had bitten off more than he should be chewing and the simple little job, is a mammoth task

and now, he is digging trenches and laying pipe and smothering his wonky knee with pain killer gel. We had a good routine, work in the morning and rest in the afternoons and I can see this being flouted to get the job done.

I went to trim the lavender today, saw that the cultivated blackberry was layering new growth and ended up potting 36 young plants and at five euros in the shops there may just be profit to be made.

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