Sunday, 8 January 2012

December 2012 music spectacular!!!

Just a moments’ thought for dear old Duchess who popped her clogs last week.  She went to bed in the egg laying box, got all snuggled down with her pals but didn’t wake up when her cockerel started screeching,  OK you lot, it is morning,  get up”, and that is where I found her with her head tucked in looking like she was enjoying a well deserved lie in. As is our habit we always give our farm pets back to nature and Duchess was thrown with plenty of ceremony into the hedgerow  at the back of the garden to form yet another link in the food chain of life.

Another new year party to contemplate and discuss the passing of time . It hardly seems possible that we were around this very same table with Anna and William and Ann and Graham only 12 months ago. Anna put on a fab party and we saw the French midnight come and go then Mike and I drove home to catch the UK version and take the chance to call the UK where my Mum was determined to stay up and see 2012 in it’s infancy.

We had an early choir meeting this year and on the 3rd of Jan we found ourselves gathered to celebrate the “fete des roi” and to spice things up a bit Sarah took along a few left over crackers to see what our very French choristers would make of them.

We were not disappointed with the excited acceptance of the humble cracker  and it occurred to me that  both our little traditions just make you smile in complete absorption of participation. We all held our crackers cross armed and counted ourselves into a mass tug and the hats and toys fell onto the tables then cracker hats went on and we tucked into a frangipani pie loaded with little toys for whoever found  one in their portion of pie would be the king or queen for the evening, Priceless fun, and traditions accomplished

We went to a party at Jill and Toney’s house and there we found our friend Mark playing the violin and not badly either. I just love to see raw talent in it’s spontaneous application and revelled in the fun and appreciation of a mate stood there entertaining us.  I did however slap myself around the face for I too have a talent and I have let it dwindle to nothing so the keyboard is now in the kitchen and I am learning to read music again and all this year I will learn my Christmas carols for a December 2012 music spectacular!!!